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FSR17 - Becoming Madness

by Manipulate

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Beaten Path 01:47
I wake up everyday Trying to find my place In a world fucked up Out of time and out of luck I'm looking for a better way Just trying to get ahead Going nowhere fast Once again I walk this beaten path Don't say it all came easy to me I watch the world crack and crumble right in my hands I leave my enemies in the past So step aside while I walk this beaten path Never giving in
Sin Upon Sin 02:15
Devil in disguise I won't be a slave How does it feel to be rejected? How does it feel to be on the other side? You tried your best to stay afloat But now your sinking like a stone Dominated you Took up space inside your head You want the truth You will confront your own deceit How does it feel to be the victim? The evil that men do I've sinned And so have you
Slip Away 02:24
Rotting and left to waste I see the fear across your face A sad image that I can't erase An early grave and my heart breaks Trapped in your hell A slave to yourself Your fate is grey And now, now I watch you slip away What can I say? I reached out my hand But i'm pulling it back I wait for the day you come clean Or you just Slip Away Fuck You A quick fix, a lost cause My fear of losing you is gone Don't give a fuck The line is drawn I've moved on
Time's not on my side I gotta face the truth Learned from the past But where does that leave you Mistakes and regret Searching for an answer Or just trying to forget The past The present And the future Where does that leave you? Time marches on Are you ready or not? Walk ahead Or remain to rot Wasted days Staring at the clock Slowing down But the world won't stop Time has passed you by The ignorance of youth No lessons learned Never seeing the proof Are you ready or not?
Manipulate 02:12
Your world view is upside down Victim of your own delusions No fear of who you cross Burn a bridge, it's no loss You've lost control With no remorse look to me like I care But I never gave a fuck You want a life of misery Manipulate and played a fool It ain't hard to see Damage done but it's not enough I take a look at all the pain you've Cause in disgust Guiltless I call it a sickness Destroying lives in your fucking path Gained nothing, think your something We won't accept your so-called truth You lost control Betrayed trust Couldn't live the life you were dealt Look to me like I care But I never gave a fuck Manipulate


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The inevitable sound clash of American Hardcore and Metal has matured tremendously since outfits such as Corrosion of Conformity and D.R.I. made speed the ultimate goal during the early to mid-1980s. For New York City’s MANIPULATE, it is not only the stylistic traits of both genres worth blending, but upholding the best aspects of each culture as well.

From the Metal side of the equation, the band offers up dark, crunchy, menacing riffs coupled with a complete lack of regard for anyone's hurt feelings. From Hardcore; no-holds-barred energy and intensity with a critical socio-political point-of-view only the naive would disregard.

MANIPULATE’s aptly titled Becoming Madness presents an explicit look at the human condition divided into equal parts anger, cynicism and concern; yet labeling MANIPULATE as "Positive Hardcore" would be grossly inappropriate.

There is very little positivity to be found when those around you are dying as a result of their own actions. Nor is there an ounce of honor amongst those who choose to waste their own time on earth, as well as the time of others. Equally disenchanting are the ones whose disregard for friends and family overpowers that of love and loyalty.

MANIPULATE delivers a pummeling soundscape of furious and precise metallic hardcore outbursts sonically equal to its scathing lyrical observations. Forget trying to figure out how to label it. That's old news. MANIPULATE will carry the torch from here.


released February 12, 2016

Recorded by Jeff STRESS Davis at Chopshop Studios
Vocals Recorded by John Grant at Madhouse NYC
Mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege

Pre-Production by Anthony Corallo at Chronic Death Recording, John Grant at Madhouse NYC, & Mike Torrado
Design by Branca Studio & Manipulate
All music written by Manipulate
Lyrics written by Ivan Murillo & Ricky Singh
Additional contribution on "Manipulate" by Corey Williams


all rights reserved



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